About Me

CassandraSandy Ingram, an inspirational author expresses prayer using G-O-Metric Art for simplicity and clarity.   G-O-Metric Art is when math meets art for the sake of prayer.  A window of clarity, precision and precise prayer for all faiths.

Sandy’s father taught her how to pray at an early age.  Throughout the years she has applied her gift in different formats, the most exciting being painting prayers on canvas.  Since her retirement to a small fishing village off the coast of Mexico, and the increased popularity in the digital world, she has formated digital geometric art pieces for the sake of prayer, essentially becoming a silent prayer partner.  Of course, unless the donation option is activated, no matter how small, she has no way of partnering with your prayer request.
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Religion is NOT a prerequisite for individuals to benefit from prayer art.  All that is needed is a sincerity and a small amount of faith/confidence.  Realizing not all prayers are answered the way we’d like, the revelation of something greater is all a part of the prayer request.
Throughout the years,  Ingram has had serious questions about religion and prayer.  The conflict religion is going through in recent years made her question her level of faith in prayer.   As a result, she came to realize religion has little to do with your ability to pray.
Prayer is a one-on-one conversation with the Universe.  Once you’ve aligned your mind, your heart and your actions with the Universe, prayer and meditation becomes a proven pathway for life goals and successes.  Go ahead browse the gallery, download your prayer request, and initiate the donation.